Driving Today’s Tomorrow

At MobilityVision, our work focuses mainly on advancing the field of safe and sustainable mobility. We employ advanced data analytics and emerging technologies and community outreach to develop innovative solutions that enhance road safety and promote eco-friendly, efficient transportation systems for all road users.

​Ongoing Projects:

Interdisciplinary Traffic Safety Framework for the Bay Area Region

The development of this framework helps to objectively and consistently identify crash locations based on the program-specific threshold and recommend safety interventions that will measurably reduce the fatal and severe crashes under the safe system pillars of roadway design and speeding specific to the Bay Area region and can be transferable to the similar regions. Furthermore, this project focuses on community engagement on topics related to safe and sustainable mobility.

Application of emerging technologies in traffic safety

This project is about understanding how new technologies affect road safety

  • Look at the research that’s already been done on how new technologies are connected to making our roads safer.
  • Find out which new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, could help make driving safer, depending on the kinds of accidents that happen in each country.

Sustainable Mobility – Promoting Active Transportation Modes versus Electric Vehicles

We’re researching the world of sustainable mobility by comparing the benefits of active transportation modes, like walking and cycling, with electric vehicles (EVs). We’ll be crunching the numbers to understand the environmental and safety impacts of these two mobility choices. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transportation sector contributes to 29% greenhouse gas emission.

Vision Zero Strategy for Abu Dhabi

​The project involves providing guidance on Vulnerable Road User (VRU) safety strategies as part of the Vision Zero initiative in partnership with International Road Federation (Global). It includes an extensive review of existing manuals and documents related to highway operations and the development of a practical methodology to achieve Vision Zero goals for VRUs based on global best practices.

MobilityVision’s Initiatives


​Safe and Sustainable Mobility for ALL is an initiative which incorporates a comprehensive, multi-modal approach aimed at promoting road user safety and environmental sustainability. Leveraging emerging technologies, behavioral analysis, and advanced traffic management systems, this initiative is poised to redefine transportation paradigms and ensure the well-being of all road users.


Partnership for Research and Innovations in Safe and Sustainable Mobility is fostering synergistic collaborations with diverse industry stakeholders and organizations. By integrating the research, resources, and expertise, this initiative is primed to drive innovation in mobility solutions, shaping the future of transportation safety and sustainability.

Mobility Index

MobilityVision's Mobility Index - a country-specific report is a multifaceted evaluation framework, encompassing mobility metrics, safety indicators, and sustainability benchmarks. The report serves as a navigational tool for governments and policymakers, present data-driven insights to drive policy decisions that enable a global transformation toward safe, sustainable, and efficient mobility systems.

Mobility 101

Mobility entails the freedom to move with ease, encompassing diverse transportation methods. Mobility 101 program is an integrated educational initiative that employs innovative pedagogical techniques to enlighten diverse audiences about fostering safe and sustainable mobility practices. This program operates on a multidimensional approach, encompassing workshops, digital content, and community engagement, making it an requisite resource for achieving the future of mobility.